New things!

New things!


The last 6 months have been SO exciting and SO hard at the same time!

Can I just say, when you do something new for God…when you step out in faith, sometimes things can come at you from all angles.  For example, Moses obeyed God and went up to the mountain to meet with Him.  Moses chose to obey, he was given the 10 commandments, and literally his countenance was changed.  You could see it on his face, He had met with God.

But when he came back down from the mountain, the group he was leading to the promise land [God’s people], had literally gone crazy.  They started worshipping other gods and had made a golden image of a calf to bow down to.  

Even though Moses was doing something good, he was met with TONS of issues and things that tore his heart out in the process.  I feel like that’s been the last 6 months for me.  6 months ago I partnered with an amazing friend of mine to do business together.  We both felt like we heard from God, and we started moving forward…all for God’s glory.

We’ve been working legit hours each week and “things” have come up against us, things that are meant to distract us…but HARD things all the same. 

The cool thing about all of this, God has been SO faithful.  We have a business name!  We have a vision statement.  We have product ready to be sold, product in production, and product coming down the pike. Why?  I’m so glad you asked!  Lol.  Because life is hard.  We need each other and we need encouragement in the Word.  Everything will point you to God…and we will pursue Him FIRST every time we set our hearts and minds to something.  [Be watching for updates in the upcoming months!]

I say all this to say I’M CRAZY EXCITED!!  You’ll start to notice changes on the website as we begin to launch things this late summer into fall.  And the first product is being released today.  Have you ever looked in your mirror and wished it could say something to encourage you?!  We’ve put together a 3 pack of window clings that we’ve designed to ENCOURAGE someone who is in a rough spot.  You can put all 3 in your house or you can give some to a friend who’s going through a hard time.  You can take them to work/school and put them on mirrors or windows…and the cool part:  they leave zero residue because they’re not a sticker! 

Here they are for the very first time…we pray you love them as much as we do!!!


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