Little Imitators

Have one of your kiddos ever seen or heard something that you had NO idea they saw or heard?! You know, that thing that came out of their mouth in front of others and you couldn’t figure out how they knew that?! Yeah, me too! lol.

One of my daughters, she’s 5…and really, really good at noticing things. Not too long ago, while she was playing dress up, another adult noticed she had a ring on her middle finger.

And so, she asked her “Abby, why do you have that ring on your middle finger?” She answered, “Because I’m pretending that I’m married and that’s my ring!”

Now, you may be thinking: Why on earth would Abby think the ring should go on her middle finger?! 🙂 Well…because her Mommy wears her ring on her middle finger! Why?… Because months ago the prong on my diamond got bent [and I haven’t had it fixed] and I was afraid to wear it and lose the diamond. So, for a long while, I’ve been wearing my Grandma’s ring…and…it’s a bit too big, lol. Hence, the middle finger! [no big philosophical reason why 😉 ]

Funny thing was, Abby had no idea why I wore that ring on my middle finger…she just knew I did, and she imitated me. It never crossed my mind to explain to our kids why I switched my ring to my middle finger. But…she noticed. [These little people, they notice things…lots more than we realize!]

One thing I took from this situation was “Wow, it’s crazy how much they notice and then imitate.” It was such a great reminder to me to do the little things in life that point to Christ, and they will imitate those things too!

  • Let them hear me do and say things for others out of love.
  • To let them see me honoring and loving their Daddy.
  • Let them see me reading my Bible.
  • Let them see me praying.

Because, honestly…I feel like it’s the little things that they remember the most. It’s the stuff they put in their heart and never bring up that will make an impact on who they are becoming and will become.

Let Jesus be your everything.

Living for Him, because you love Him…

And your kids will see you loving Him too.

They will imitate what you do and what you don’t do…it’s crazy to realize, but it can be such a powerful thing too.

Ephesians 5:1a “Be imitators of God…

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