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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up!! I LOVE all the hand written sweet notes and hand made gifts this time of year. I have an old cedar chest that they go into…for me to keep for a very long time. I love looking through them, trying to make out the words from when they were really little and then hanging on every word as they get older. They all just mean so much.

When I was young, my Mom was the one who took me to church. She got up, got 3 little ones ready and took us all every Sunday and Wednesday. It was important to her. And I got to tell her a few weeks ago, “Mom, thank you for introducing me to Jesus.” It was a moment that just happened, it wasn’t planned…but you guys, it’s something I’m SO grateful for. Jesus has changed my life.

My Mom has always been one of my greatest cheerleaders too. Whether she was cheering on my marriage and taking the kids for a few days so we could be alone, or if it was her cheering me on for a good grade in college…she’s always been there to help.

So, this Mother’s Day, in honor of my Mom, and for all the Momma’s out there…I’m giving away my family devotional, Ten Commandments for Kids, [digital copy] for FREE. My Mom prayed for this book, helped edit this book and cheered me on every step of the way. I find it only fitting to bless other Mom’s this Mother’s Day, the way my Mom blessed me.

Beginning today, until midnight on Mother’s Day, this digital download will be available here, for anyone to download and use in their homes with their families. Will you help me get the word out?! I’m excited to bless some families for Mother’s Day…thank you Mom for everything you’ve done for me, for us and now for anyone who sees this. Love you forever.

Link no longer available

PS The next family devotional is in the works…actually we’re in the final process of getting it out to you! 🙂 It’s called “Adventures in Proverbs” and it’s a 6 week devotional for kids/families…so if you are interested and want to be kept up to date on what’s coming, or if you would just like some encouragement from time to time, sign up for emails on the right side of the page by clicking the “sign me up!” button!

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