Dear Future Son-in-Laws

Dear future son-in-law’s,

I’ve been praying for you. Just the other day I realized something; you are really going to have your work cut out for you. You see, these girls God has entrusted to us, they have one of the very best Daddy’s on earth…and that makes the bar super high for you.

These girls, they’re used to their Daddy bringing them home flowers, just because he loves them. They get their own, in a vase, for their bedroom…special from Daddy.

They have a Daddy that can make them laugh, not just any laugh, but a belly laugh…over and over…every night, at bedtime. And even during painful accidents and lots of tears, their Daddy has a special gift to make them laugh and not look at the negative.

These girls, their Daddy [dare I say it?] spoils them. And not in the way you might be thinking. He spoils them by showing them unconditional love, being patient and kind while disciplining, allowing them to pick out winter pj’s that are on sale in July…and then letting them wear them in public, because “why not”?!

He takes them for tractor rides, even after a long day of work. He lets them steer and feel/know they are so very brave. He takes them fishing and lets them mess the line all up, because that’s how they learn. Top of the shoulder rides…they’re given out whenever asked for…with twirls and fun sound effects to go with the ride.

These girls, they don’t even realize [just yet] the gift they have. Their Daddy loves Jesus. And the number one legacy he wants to leave, are children who really know Jesus. So, he stays up late to pray with them. He bends low to kiss boo-boo’s and ask God to take the pain away. He is quick to forgive and give hugs. He does silly movements to songs with them to help them memorize scripture, and legit…he prays for you too.

Prays that you know how loved you are by the God of the entire universe. Prays that you love God more then you will love his daughter. Prays over your family and your friends. That they would be uplifting, encouraging and speaking words of life to you… That you would come to know Jesus at an early age and walk with Him, hear His voice and follow. That you would know your one True Love way before you find your true love here on earth.

So, I write all of this to you to let you know, you have BIG shoes to fill…but I know you can do it. You were created for this. You’ll make mistakes, and so will she. All you will need to do is… love her the way Jesus loves the church…that’s her Daddy’s secret 😉 and one day it will be yours too.

Please know, we are praying for you, their Daddy and I. And we cannot wait to meet you one day!

Your future mom-in-law 🙂

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