A change in seasons

A Change in Seasons

It’s a change of seasons for this girl and her family! I have had the absolute pleasure of being home with our kiddos for 10.5 years now. They’ve been some of the most amazing years of my life.

For 10+ years there has been noise, lots of noise in my home…from crying to giggles, and playing tag to tattling. Silence is not something I get much of. Until today. Today our baby girl went to Kindergarten. She’s 5 and she was more than ready…her big brother held her hand getting onto the bus…and she didn’t shed a tear. She was created for this.

This Momma, just like her kindergartner, is finding herself in a new and unfamiliar place. I actually have time to sit and write this morning! It’s quiet…whether I like it or not. So, I’m deciding this morning to wipe my tears, but allow them to come. I’m deciding to embrace the quiet and use it for His good. I’m deciding this morning to take this time and pray!

Each of our girls got a bracelet when they went into Kindergarten. One that says on it “daughter” and “special” and has a heart that says ” my love”. They get one and I have one too…we wear them together. When they are having a hard time at school and feel like they need a hug from Mom, they just look at their bracelet and know I’m thinking of them and praying for them.

Young girl wearing a yellow dress, charm bracelet, and backpack as she holds her mother's hand on her way to the school bus

Let’s commit together to covering our kids in prayer this year…prayer is so powerful. This year, I’m going to have a lot more time to pray and I’m excited for that! So, I thought I would share a prayer with you that I love to pray over my kids during the school year and you can take and make it your own!


Thank you so much for entrusting these amazing kids into this family! Thank you for each teacher you have placed them with this year, I pray they are a blessing to each one. Lord, thank you that You are with them as they walk through the doors of their school, thank you that they’re never alone. I pray and ask you to protect their hearts and their minds this school year…so that things that aren’t of you would just bounce right off of them, and be replaced with Your love and what you have to say. Lord, I pray they would be a light! A light that shines so brightly for Your Name that all who come in contact with them would know Your love. They’re yours Lord, use them for Your purposes in their classrooms, their friendships and their schools! We love you.


To all the mom’s and dad’s out there, I pray you and your kiddos have an amazing school year…”the best is yet to come“!

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