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A Call to Honor

Honor is a word we don’t hear much these days. And if we do hear it, we don’t see people putting it into action. It’s considered an “old-school” thing…which kind of makes me want to talk about it.

For example, holding doors open for each other as we walk through…it honors.

Obeying your Mom or Dad the first time you’re asked, that honors.

Disagreeing with a person in authority but being respectful anyways, it honors.

I feel as if the word has somewhat lost it’s meaning. So, what does it really mean to honor someone? And who should we honor? The Bible actually has a lot to say on this topic…

Honor – an internal attitude of respect, courtesy, and reverence. [It should be accompanied by appropriate attention or even obedience. Honor without such action is incomplete; it is lip service]

I truly see so much dishonor in the world, that it hurts my heart. And recently I was reading in Daniel 6…and absolutely fell in LOVE with the way Daniel lived out of honor in the Old Testament.

Daniel 6…

I love that here in scripture, Daniel shows honor to a leader that he very obviously disagrees with. Right down to the very core of his faith. The King even put out a decree that would end up killing Daniel. He had every reason to show hate & dislike & stomp his feet in rebellion. To tell everyone how terrible the King was…in complete disgust.

BUT…he didn’t.

Here’s what scripture said he did do: 6:10 Daniel instead gave thanks and prayed. Did you hear that?! HE GAVE THANKS AND PRAYED! That not only honored the King but it honored God!!!

And…it changed an entire Kingdom. God saved Daniel, and the King made a decree that every part of the Kingdom would fear & reverence Daniel’s God. His works and miracles were told of far and wide. All because Daniel honored his leader and prayed instead of complaining!!

How many times do we take to FB or IG and let people have it?! Or go to a group of friends and “vent” only further upsetting ourselves and them? In all of our reactions, people are watching. Our kids are watching. The Lord is watching…

Let’s be a people of HONOR…in word and action.

Let’s let Daniel serve as an example, when something bothers us…whether it be in our homes or in government or in the world…let’s go straight to God with it…and watch what He will do!!!!

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